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The 4 Waves of AI and Why They Matter to Your Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a term that inspires both fear and awe in humans. We feel its effects in many parts of our lives. Those effects are growing every day. Integrating or even overtaking parts of our lives like the tide, but unlike the tide once it rises, it never recedes. Each digital wave blending into more of our everyday lives. But what are these digital waves? How will they affect our world? How can your business take advantage of them?

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3 Reasons to Consider Open Source For Data Analytics

Open source software has exploded in recent years. This transparent, innovative community of software developers has found massive success in an industry traditionally dominated by large, established enterprises. Many companies have even built entire fortunes around open source technologies. 

Recognizing the success of open source, those big enterprises are cashing in on the new age, hoping to join the movement before they get left behind.

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How Predictive Analytics is Changing Software Testing

Software development has changed significantly in the last five years. The rising demand for speed and reliability from consumers sparked many of these changes. As technology companies continue to set the bar higher and higher for applications, consumers opt for only the best products. Moreover, as the market becomes more saturated with high-performing options, simply offering advanced software is no longer a reliable strategy.

As business leaders continue to seek a new edge, many are turning to big data. Vast scores of data are being collected, analyzed, and applied to various processes throughout the organization to improve products and operational efficiency.

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5 Practical Applications of AI

The hype around modern artificial intelligence techniques is enormous. Every other day you read headlines that tout self-driving cars and mind-reading devices. It’s no secret companies innovate incredible products. But the media’s emphasis on cutting-edge technology can make AI appear out of reach for everyday folks and businesses.   

The less advertised side of AI shows its actually becoming more accessible to businesses of varying industries, stages, and sizes. In a small business survey, Capterra found 1 in 5 small business leaders in the U.S. are using AI and 47% are considering adding it to their strategic plans.

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Common AI Myths Debunked

Artificial Intelligence has garnered so much attention in the last few years. The word alone generates over 100,000 searches per month. Media outlets are always headlining the latest blockbuster innovations. Or they’re tugging our ethical strings with theories that AI is going to steal our jobs, our livelihoods, and eventually our planet… still sounds like a blockbuster movie.

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