DynAgility Releases New Open Source Components


Ashburn, Virginia
-- DynAgility is proud to announce the release of our latest open source components, Cinchy and Tofu-Express, developed by Principal Architect Andrew Abbott. Both components are available on github.com and npmjs.com.

Cinchy is a React Hook library integrating the Fetch API and Redux. Using Cinchy, you get JSON web API access via a single hook with the ability to share results from the global Redux state. This reduces the boilerplate of connecting a React component to an API dramatically and allows expressing behavior around fetching that API in a reactive fashion.

Check Out Cinchy on GitHub or nmpjs

Tofu-Express is a TypeScript library for translating decorated TypeScript classes into Express.js Routers. By applying annotations to classes and their methods, the library uses reflection metadata to create an Express Router. This allows library users to write Express.js web services in a uniform way using TypeScript classes.

Check Out Tofu-Express on GitHub or nmpjs

DynAgility is proud to contribute to the open source community across all tech stacks.  

For more information, please contact:

Matt Ipri, VP Solutions



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