3 Reasons to Consider Open Source For Data Analytics

Open source software has exploded in recent years. This transparent, innovative community of software developers has found massive success in an industry traditionally dominated by large, established enterprises. Many companies have even built entire fortunes around open source technologies. 

Recognizing the success of open source, those big enterprises are cashing in on the new age, hoping to join the movement before they get left behind.

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8 Tips For A Better Daily Scrum

The Daily Scrum is a principal, daily activity in agile software development. It's a brief 15-minute standup meeting for the scrum team to coordinate activities and create a work plan for the day ahead. If executed correctly, the Daily Scrum "optimizes team collaboration and performance by inspecting the work since the last Daily Scrum and forecasting upcoming Sprint work."

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3 Ways The Cloud Can Complicate DevOps Adoption

Cloud and DevOps adoption often go hand in hand. DevOps improves the speed and reliability of your development and deployment of applications. The Cloud improves DevOps through better automation and scalability. In combination, the approach can help you deliver high-quality products to market faster and at scale.

The benefits of the DevOps-Cloud relationship are well-defined. However, the Cloud can come with some significant challenges that impact your DevOps practice as well as other systems within your organization.

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5 Things To Consider When Developing a Sprint Backlog

In Agile Scrum Framework, the Sprint Backlog is an essential tool that organizes the Product Backlog items selected for that Sprint. It's your team’s plan for delivering the product Increment and realizing the Sprint Goal. The ideal Sprint Backlog is a highly visible, real-time snapshot of the work that the team plans to accomplish during that Sprint. When you are developing your Sprint Backlog, follow these best practices to ensure your backlog is driving your team towards your Sprint Goal.

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How Predictive Analytics is Changing Software Testing

Software development has changed significantly in the last five years. The rising demand for speed and reliability from consumers sparked many of these changes. As technology companies continue to set the bar higher and higher for applications, consumers opt for only the best products. Moreover, as the market becomes more saturated with high-performing options, simply offering advanced software is no longer a reliable strategy.

As business leaders continue to seek a new edge, many are turning to big data. Vast scores of data are being collected, analyzed, and applied to various processes throughout the organization to improve products and operational efficiency.

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What is the Difference Between Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment?

DevOps has changed the way we manage software development for the better. Software is released faster, code is more reliable, and new features can be released continuously. There are three practices at the core of DevOps: continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment. These practices work together to deliver advanced software products and features to market, sometimes in a matter of minutes.

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Why Are Organizations Still Struggling With Agile?

The Agile Manifesto was written 18 years ago, yet organizations are still struggling to successfully adopt the Agile methodology. The 12th Annual State of Agile Survey found that only 12% of respondent organizations reported that they have a high level of competency in using Agile.

Additionally, 78% of these organizations report they are still experimenting with Agile or that teams are still maturing. Even for an approach that appears widely leveraged by the software industry, these numbers expose several challenges in its implementation.

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Why UX Design Can Make or Break Your Advanced Software Product

As software becomes more advanced, it also becomes more complex. It’s also become more accessible, with huge numbers of solutions on the market. How is this changing software development? Companies are upping their game when it comes to the experience their software provides because they can no longer rely solely on the backend technology to capture loyal customers.

User experience is not a new concept. We are just applying it to a new field. Think about all of the entertainment events you gone to throughout your life. Someone behind the scenes was busy designing that experience for you to enjoy. Now the same can be said of the software we use.

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How Design Thinking Can Improve Your DevOps Practice

DevOps is a well-known, modern practice in the software industry. For those who aren’t familiar, DevOps is a set of practices focused on automating and streamlining the processes between software development and IT teams to build, test, and release software faster and more reliably.

Customers and investors demand only the best performance from software products. DevOps provides an approach that can meet these high demands in within the tight time frames provided.

Sound like a dream? Many companies have adopted DevOps to some capacity, recognizing its benefits. But have all companies adopted it successfully?

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DevOpsAllison Davis
5 Practical Applications of AI

The hype around modern artificial intelligence techniques is enormous. Every other day you read headlines that tout self-driving cars and mind-reading devices. It’s no secret companies innovate incredible products. But the media’s emphasis on cutting-edge technology can make AI appear out of reach for everyday folks and businesses.   

The less advertised side of AI shows its actually becoming more accessible to businesses of varying industries, stages, and sizes. In a small business survey, Capterra found 1 in 5 small business leaders in the U.S. are using AI and 47% are considering adding it to their strategic plans.

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How 5 Tech Unicorns Propelled Growth By Outsourcing

In tech, we idealize entrepreneurs who build empires from scratch. We love listening to stories and sharing quotes about their rise to the top. We worship the “self-made” billionaires. Why wouldn’t we?

There’s a lot to learn from these tech unicorns. We pick apart their processes, trying to pull any ounce of wisdom we can. How did they accelerate their growth? What was their secret sauce? How did they do that all on their own?

We don’t get to know all the answers but we do learn, very quickly, that they didn’t do it all on their own. The smartest entrepreneurs seek help from outside experts to fill gaps and to drive their venture to the front page of tech. It takes a village to disrupt industry.

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7 Roadmap Items To Consider Keeping In House

Outsourcing can offer huge benefits, but when outside teams are not strategically employed across your roadmap you risk more trouble than you started with. The goal of any decision along the roadmap should be to accelerate your development, not create more roadblocks.

We’ve talked about the roadmap items you should consider outsourcing, but what about the items you should consider keeping in-house?

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Common AI Myths Debunked

Artificial Intelligence has garnered so much attention in the last few years. The word alone generates over 100,000 searches per month. Media outlets are always headlining the latest blockbuster innovations. Or they’re tugging our ethical strings with theories that AI is going to steal our jobs, our livelihoods, and eventually our planet… still sounds like a blockbuster movie.

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Accelerated Product Development Vs. Outsourcing

Under the constant pressure to get more done, executives need to seek new strategies to tackle new problems. They’re forced to contemplate hard choices on product features, new hires, and specialized training to meet the high expectations of their customers and their company. Executives will explore every option in their arsenal before resorting to one of the best possible solutions: getting outside help.

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