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How 5 Tech Unicorns Propelled Growth By Outsourcing

In tech, we idealize entrepreneurs who build empires from scratch. We love listening to stories and sharing quotes about their rise to the top. We worship the “self-made” billionaires. Why wouldn’t we?

There’s a lot to learn from these tech unicorns. We pick apart their processes, trying to pull any ounce of wisdom we can. How did they accelerate their growth? What was their secret sauce? How did they do that all on their own?

We don’t get to know all the answers but we do learn, very quickly, that they didn’t do it all on their own. The smartest entrepreneurs seek help from outside experts to fill gaps and to drive their venture to the front page of tech. It takes a village to disrupt industry.

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7 Roadmap Items To Consider Keeping In House

Outsourcing can offer huge benefits, but when outside teams are not strategically employed across your roadmap you risk more trouble than you started with. The goal of any decision along the roadmap should be to accelerate your development, not create more roadblocks.

We’ve talked about the roadmap items you should consider outsourcing, but what about the items you should consider keeping in-house?

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Accelerated Product Development Vs. Outsourcing

Under the constant pressure to get more done, executives need to seek new strategies to tackle new problems. They’re forced to contemplate hard choices on product features, new hires, and specialized training to meet the high expectations of their customers and their company. Executives will explore every option in their arsenal before resorting to one of the best possible solutions: getting outside help.

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