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3 Types of Technical Debt and How to Manage Them

Open source software has exploded in recent years. This transparent, innovative community of software developers has found massive success in an industry traditionally dominated by large, established enterprises. Many companies have even built entire fortunes around open source technologies. 

Recognizing the success of open source, those big enterprises are cashing in on the new age, hoping to join the movement before they get left behind.

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8 Tips For A Better Daily Scrum

The Daily Scrum is a principal, daily activity in agile software development. It's a brief 15-minute standup meeting for the scrum team to coordinate activities and create a work plan for the day ahead. If executed correctly, the Daily Scrum "optimizes team collaboration and performance by inspecting the work since the last Daily Scrum and forecasting upcoming Sprint work."

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5 Things To Consider When Developing a Sprint Backlog

In Agile Scrum Framework, the Sprint Backlog is an essential tool that organizes the Product Backlog items selected for that Sprint. It's your team’s plan for delivering the product Increment and realizing the Sprint Goal. The ideal Sprint Backlog is a highly visible, real-time snapshot of the work that the team plans to accomplish during that Sprint. When you are developing your Sprint Backlog, follow these best practices to ensure your backlog is driving your team towards your Sprint Goal.

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Why Are Organizations Still Struggling With Agile?

The Agile Manifesto was written 18 years ago, yet organizations are still struggling to successfully adopt the Agile methodology. The 12th Annual State of Agile Survey found that only 12% of respondent organizations reported that they have a high level of competency in using Agile.

Additionally, 78% of these organizations report they are still experimenting with Agile or that teams are still maturing. Even for an approach that appears widely leveraged by the software industry, these numbers expose several challenges in its implementation.

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